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Emergency room (ER) nurse jobs are easier to find than ever before, thanks to a shortage of skilled ER nursing professionals across the U.S.

The ER nurse jobs offered by NursingJobs.com are among the most lucrative in the industry, offering ER RNs the opportunity to enhance their careers through travel employment at exceptional healthcare facilities throughout the country. Because we staff ER nurse jobs with our partners American Mobile, NursesRx, Medical Express, NurseChoice and Nursefinders, we can offer ER nurse job opportunities with some of the nation's most sought-after facilities.

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ER Nurse Job Responsibilities

Emergency department nurse jobs focus on providing care for patients suffering from trauma or other illnesses that require emergency attention. The ED nurse must recognize and treat life-threatening conditions, with the ability to deploy rapid assessment and treatment of patients in critical situations during the initial phase of acute illness and trauma, where every second is important. ED travel nursing jobs require a wide variety of knowledge about healthcare on general and specific levels and care for patients of all ages. The emergency department nurse typically works in a hospital or urgent care setting.

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ER Nurse Requirements

Emergency room nursing jobs available from NursingJobs.com require candidates who, in addition to an RN degree, have become certified in ER nursing. This requires passing an exam given by the Emergency Nurses Association.

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ER Nurse Salary

ER nurse salary rates vary, with the national median hovering around $70,000, according to the 2012 Nursing Salary Survey from ADVANCE for Nurses. ER nurse salaries will fluctuate depending on the candidate’s level of education and experience, as well as type and location of employment facility (general medical and surgical hospitals and nursing care facilities tend to offer the highest range of pay).

Our partners offer emergency room nursing job assignments in each of these settings, providing salaries that often exceed standard earnings within the industry, as well as a wide range of benefits — free housing, expense compensation, friend referral bonuses, free liability insurance, and comprehensive health insurance. We also offer 30 days of insurance coverage between assignments.

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