• Free NurseJobs iPhone Application

    Download our iPhone application to make your RN job search quick and easy

    nurse-jobs-appNursingJobs has the answer for busy nurses on-the-go: the free NurseJobs iPhone Mobile Application. This free iPhone application can be downloaded at no cost to you through the iTunes App Store.

    Click here to access the iTunes application mobile preview to see the NurseJobs application features. It’s quick and easy to download this free application to your mobile device and/or email the link to your phone. All you need to get started is an iTunes account and your mobile phone.

    Stay in touch with the latest travel nursing jobs, permanent nurse jobs or per diem nursing jobs in your specialty and metropolitan area of choice. You can save your recent searches, sign up for alert notifications and access the application 24/7 for the newest jobs, news by NursingJobs and videos relevant to nurses. It’s also quick and easy to apply for more information about positions right from the mobile application.


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