How to Use Social Networking to Boost Your Nursing Career


use social networking to boost your nursing career
By Alana Luna, Contributor


Professional Social Networking Tips for Nurses

For those interested in boosting their nursing careers, the importance of networking in healthcare can’t be overstated. Your next opportunity could come at the hands of a friend, a former coworker or someone you randomly met online. To widen your chances, check out these tips for nursing professional development on the internet.

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Brand yourself

On average, employers receive 250 resumes per job opening. For nurses hoping to score a dream job, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Social media helps accomplish that task by giving you a platform to reach recruiters and share a message. Use your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages to establish yourself as an authority and showcase your most favorable attributes.

  • Share scholarly articles related to your chosen specialty.
  • Start thoughtful discussions around health care news.
  • Post pictures of you racking up those CEU credits.
  • Fill out your profile (especially on LinkedIn) to include certifications, job history, education and volunteer experience relevant to your nursing career.
Level up your nursing career on LinkedIn
A whopping 85 percent of job openings are filled by candidates sourced via networking. The connections you make on LinkedIn lead to new introductions and help keep you top of mind so when a position opens up, you’re automatically considered. Reach out to old classmates, colleagues, mentors and influencers, and start a conversation.
Job seekers can also vet potential employers on LinkedIn. Current and former employees can offer up invaluable insight regarding a company’s inner workings, allowing nurses to compare different healthcare facilities before signing on the bottom line.

Keep it clean

It takes mere seconds to jot down a status update or tweet and send it out into the universe, but those posts last indefinitely. One survey conducted in 2017 found a staggering 70 percent of employers use social media as a tool to screen job applicants during the hiring process. That’s a 10 percent increase in just a year, indicating internet-based screening is on the rise.

Whether you’re currently job hunting or just have an eye on professional growth in the future, what you post and share matters. Lock down your profiles to shield personal information from public view, keep controversy to a minimum and erase those questionable photos from your Vegas vacation while you still have the chance.

Advancing your nursing career isn’t just about scouring the internet for job listings and mastering key interview tips and strategies, it’s also crucial to craft a smart online presence before you even begin your search. Done correctly, professional social networking for nurses can help you find your voice, your colleagues and the position you’ve been waiting for.

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