Top Opportunities and Benefits of Travel Nursing


Top Opportunities and Benefits of Travel Nursing

By Kathy Marshall, Contributor

Being a travel nurse can open up a world of opportunities for you in your career and personal life. The benefits of travel nursing range from some of the best health benefits in the industry, as well as high-quality, private housing that's fully furnished and located close to your assignment facility. 

Other benefits include a higher salary - up to 15 percent higher - than non-traveling nursing salaries. Take-home pay includes a daily allowance for meals and incidentals, and a minimum number of hours is usually guaranteed.  

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Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, taking on this role can have a profound effect on your life. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider travel nursing. 

Opportunities and Benefits Abound

Avoid burnout. Burnout in nursing is a serious issue. With long shifts, overtime, understaffing, and the increasing load of patients, nurses are expected to deliver top-quality care under extremely stressful environments. Being a travel nurse allows you to vary your work environment and exposure. Opportunities are nationwide and offer the chance to change pace, setting and teams so that you don’t get burned out by the every day. 

Travel the country. Do you love to surf and want to hit the best known spots or have a list of historical places that changed our nation’s path? One of the best benefits of being a travel nurse is that you can pick locations that let you see things and experience events that you wouldn’t have experienced if you were working in one place with a set schedule.

Or stay closer to home. In today’s quickly changing landscape, many people are living far away from the place they grew up and their families. This can pose a problem for a variety of reasons. Instead of long drives or expensive flights, travel nursing can offer the luxury of being available to family in times of need, celebration and the everyday while still continuing to work. 

Stretch your skills. One of the professional benefits of travel nursing is the chance to expand your nursing skills. By working in one geographical location, you are going to see the same patients, injury patterns, and disease processes. For example, if you live in the plains, you won’t be treating any high-altitude patients. By traveling, you’ll increase your exposure to different injuries, procedures and technology. 

Plan around your schedule. Unlike other permanent positions that may be more difficult to schedule time off, with proper planning as a travel nurse you may be able to plan for significant time off around the holidays.

Change your season. You know how “snowbirds” travel south for the winter months? One of the benefits of travel nursing is that you can choose where and how you want to spend your seasons. You could experience fall in the northeast, winter by a warm beach, summer up north by a lake, or bask in the desert sun.

All things new. If you get bored easy or feel like an extra in the movie Groundhog Day with your life on repeat, then working as a travel nurse may be just the thing for you. One of the most exciting benefits of being a travel nurse is the chance to work with new teams and be exposed to different technologies being applied across the country.

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