Best Apps for Nurses Who Want to Wind Down


Best Apps for Nurses Who Want to Wind Down

By Kristy Snyder, Contributor

There’s no doubt about it – being a nurse is stressful and chaotic. Demanding patients, long shifts, and staff shortages can be cause for stress.

When you need to chill out after a particularly tough shift, try some of these apps for nurses.

Our list of the best apps for nurses includes different ways for you to de-stress so that the rigors of your job don’t affect your personal life.

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Best Apps for Nurses


You’re a nurse who hands out medication, right? Why not try some of your own to ease your stress?

That’s exactly what DigiPill is for. Available on both Android and iOS, it’s an app that lets you select “pills” depending on your mood. Each pill is an audio file that plays for a half hour to alter your mood.

You can try T-Break for relaxation, Sanctuary to clear your mind, or even Resilience for perseverance.

GPS for the Soul

As a nurse, you know just how important keeping your heart rate down is. GPS for the Soul is an app that can help you track that as well as your breathing rates.

Whenever you feel like stress is overtaking you, simply place your fingertip over your phone camera lens so your phone can get a reading on your heart rate. It will then calculate just how stressed you are with a colorful meter.

Control your breathing to see the screen change colors, and follow the recommendations to lower your stress.

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Instead of offering a predetermined media track that you have to follow, Omvana lets you choose your own meditation mix for a completely customized relaxation session.

To use it, simply browse the large library of soothing tunes and inspirational messages and combine them to your liking. You can even record your own voice and mix it with a song, making this one of the best apps for nurses on the market.

White Noise

Having trouble getting the incessant beeping of patient monitors out of your head? Or maybe you have just a few minutes to catch a nap in the break room?

If so, you’ll want to get the app White Noise. It does exactly what it sounds like – produces nonsensical, all-encompassing sound to drown out other audio and lull you into a deep slumber. Sleeping will never be easier.

Code Happy

If meditation and white noise aren’t really your style, try Code Happy. It’s an app that lets you build a support circle of other nurses so that you have someone to rely on when things get tough.

It’s the perfect way to vent to people who understand exactly what you’re going through. This is one of the best apps for nurses because it lets you find staff working in the same facility as you. Numerous studies show that engaging with your peers helps you cope better with stressful events, so this app is definitely worth a shot.

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