9 Nursing Podcasts For RN Education or Entertainment


9 Nursing Podcasts For RN Education or Entertainment DUE

By Alana Luna, Contributor

Busy days mean less time to read the news or study up on new industry developments, but nursing podcasts can help you hone your skills and gain expertise even when you're on the go. These nine podcasts for nurses deliver education and entertainment in equal measure, all on demand.

1. Daily Nurse - Nursecasts

Nursecasts covers a plethora of healthcare topics, ranging from policy to education to entrepreneurship. Joe Morita, senior acquisitions editor at Spring Publishing Company, acts as host, welcoming guest speakers with experience in as specialties as military nursing, midwifery and NICU.

2. FreshRN

Thanks to a job outlook of 15 percent - far above the national average - the nursing profession is set to welcome more and more new graduates, and those entry-level nurses need all the advice they can get. FreshRN aims to ease the way for newbies by offering up tips and tricks, personal stories, time management advice and coping mechanisms, all from the mouths of experienced nurses.

3. Nursing Uncensored: The naughtier side of nursing podcasts

Sometimes life isn't pretty. Nursing Uncensored takes an unflinching yet thoroughly amusing look at what it's really like to work in the trenches of healthcare. Expect big opinions and sketchy language, and above all, don't play this one over the speakers at work.

4. Stories of Self-Healing with Nurse Kristin

Stories of Self-Healing is the brainchild of the show's host, Kristin, who is an RN and nutrition enthusiast. Having experienced the healing power of a plant-based diet firsthand, Kristin now creates podcasts sharing the stories of other plant-loving devotees along with recipes and insights into why this way of life is so beneficial. It's a great choice for nurses interested in veganism, but the lessons can be incorporated into almost any diet, and there may be some nuggets to pass onto your patients as well.

5. Medical Spanish Podcast

There are some 53 million Spanish speakers in the United States, a number that's expected to rise to a whopping 138 million by 2050. That would make the United States the largest Spanish-speaking country on the planet. The Medical Spanish Podcast aims to close the communication gap between nurses and their Hispanic patients with a series of lessons focused on common clinical conversations. In addition to general vocabulary and grammar tips, episodes often tackle a single specialty such as Spanish for pregnancy or causes of COPD.

6. A Cup of Health with CDC

Strapped for time but still thirsting for knowledge? The CDC's A Cup of Health is a weekly series of short podcasts typically clocking in at just 3 to 6 minutes long. It's perfect for cramming in some knowledge while you're brushing your teeth, loading the dishwasher or trying to maximize your lunch break. Topics are wonderfully varied, too; you may listen to Youth and Tobacco one day and dig into Kidney Care the next.

7. The Nurse Keith Show: A well-rounded podcast for nurses

Nurse Keith is something of a dynamo, and his show exudes all the same verve and passion for nursing. In addition to being a Board-Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC), Keith co-founded RNFM Radio. These days, he brings together all kinds of healthcare professionals to discuss anything and everything nursing. Want to know about case management? It's covered, along with personal growth, nursing technology, self-care and so much more.

8. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

There are always two sides to every story, and that's never truer than in healthcare where split decisions and tough situations are the norm. Good Nurse Bad Nurse takes that duality to heart, with podcasts that explore the beautiful and the ugly in hot topics and current events, such as nurses who faces criminal charges for poor judgment or the unthinkable consequences of acting as a good Samaritan outside of a hospital setting.

9. Nursing Mnemonics Podcast

Whether you're studying for your nursing license, interested in continuing education or pursuing a new certification, you're likely swimming in complex terminology that seems almost impossible to remember. The Nursing Mnemonics Podcast makes life easier with smart tips for turning key concepts into easy mnemonics backed by a fun clinical story that makes your newfound knowledge even stickier.

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