7 Tips for Online Nursing School Students


Tips for Online Nursing Students

By Elizabeth Binsfield BA RN, Contributor

Flexibility makes online nursing school an appealing option for those who might otherwise be unable to fit classes into their busy lives. However, the independent nature of online nursing programs requires you to have an organized approach for academic success. Here are seven time management tips to help you fit your online studies

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Tips for Online Nursing School Success

Plan ahead. Comb through your course syllabus when the class begins. Enter all project due and testing dates in your calendar so you can stay on top of what’s expected of you. Set event reminders on your calendar to prevent surprises.

Get organized. Create a system that works for you for organizing your schoolwork. Use online cloud applications for collecting and sharing study materials with your classmates. Review any notes or discussion that you may have missed. Even touching base briefly is better than letting a day pass with no studying of any kind.

Prep for your week. Prepare your work clothing and meals ahead of time. Rather than spending unnecessary time in your closet or kitchen each day, these tasks can be thought out and prepared in advance. This will streamline your week when studying should be the focus of your free time.

Block out social media. Resist the temptation of time eaters like social media. If you can’t resist them, delete the apps from your devices while you are actively enrolled. You must take charge of your potential for distraction if you’re to succeed in self-directed study.

Map out your daily schedule. Schedule your study time. Put it in your daily schedule so that it cannot be preempted by other activities. If you have a busy day that keeps you away from studying, take a minute to check in on your phone.

Make studying a priority daily. Make a daily calendar entry to set a block of time for your uninterrupted study each day. This helps to prevent other events from eating away at your study time.

Cultivate healthy habits. Make it a priority to ensure that you get enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. Make certain that your schedule incorporates optimum periods of time for those things that nourish and recharge your mind and body.

You cannot do well in online nursing school by avoiding sleep and exercise or by subsisting on fast food, thereby depriving your brain of the nutrition it needs to process the amount of information you’ll be putting into it.

Academic Goals Are Achievable

Many people assume that online nursing programs are easier because they can study when they like, but the truth is that they require more effort on your part to get the work done to succeed. Following these tips will improve your time management skills and enable you to achieve your goals with the flexibility that your schedule requires.


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