20 Free Nursing Resources That Will Make Your Life Easier


By Alana Luna, Contributor

Everybody needs a little help sometimes, and this list of free nursing resources delivers the ultimate in digital assistance for travel nurses, RNs and other medical professionals eager to find ways to make their lives easier.

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20 Free Nurse Resources to Make Life Easier

1. The National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Whether you’re still in nursing school or looking to continue your education in between shifts, the National Library of Medicine offers free, reliable, science-backed information ranging from the written outcomes of drug studies to the signs and symptoms of rare genetic conditions.

2. MAVRO’s Medical Spanish app

A medical emergency can be scary enough without throwing a language barrier into the mix. Use the MAVRO Medical Spanish app to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and their families. Especially handy as a travel nurse resource, the app includes a phrase list which is divided into categories such as neurological assessment and stroke for the ultimate in practicality.

3. Nurstoons

Laughter may not be the best medicine for everything that ails, but a giggle can go a long way toward erasing a bad day. Nurstoons does its part thanks to a collection of hilarious comic strips only nurses can truly appreciate.

4. Becker’s Hospital Review

There are five trade publications under the umbrella of Becker’s Hospital Review, all offering business and legal information that may help nurses understand the best places to work, which hospitals are facing lawsuits or financial struggles and who has the best infection control rates.

5. InsightTimer

When long, stressful shifts threaten to derail your day, use InsightTimer to access thousands of free guided meditations conducted by the world’s best meditation teachers. The more centered you are, the better care you can give your patients.

6. Emergency Nurse Essentials

This app may be geared toward emergency room nurses, but it’s also a valuable registered nurse resource thanks to a comprehensive catalog of treatment and stabilization options, disaster management instructions and other key concepts.

7. Nurse resources for work math

When math fails you, check out this collection of nursing calculators and get those calculations right the first time. Double check dosages, figure out IV rates with or without pumps, investigate proper infusion times or take advantage of more than a dozen other calculators focused on everything from estimated blood volume to ABG interpretation.

8. Medscape

WebMD’s Medscape website has long been a favorite of clinicians looking for a quick way to source accurate data. Now there’s a Medscape app—three, actually —delivering breaking healthcare news, professional development tools and comprehensive clinical information on demand.

9. Cinch

Cinch offers professional insurance to nurses and other clinicians, and it’s robust free resources section makes it a cinch to find specialty information about various aspects of your career.

10. NurseGrid

One of the key nurse resources for those in management is a tool that make scheduling a cinch. NurseGrid is that tool. This all-in-one platform provides interactive access to department scheduling, including a staff directory, the ability to submit and approve change requests and a messaging utility. (*The NurseGrid app is free; however, the platform itself comes in both free and paid versions.)

11. Head Nurse

Sometimes you just need to vent. The medical professional behind the Head Nurse blog is a masterful venter, but there’s also a lot of heart, soul and information up for grabs. The blog is no longer regularly updated, but hundreds of past posts remain available for nurses craving a connection with a kindred spirit or just a quick laugh.

12. NANDA Nursing Care Plans 2017

Check out 300 NANDA care plans encompassing nursing diagnoses, interventions and the logic behind those strategies, and then write customized plans for your own patients.

13. PubMed

PubMed offers more than 28 million citations sourced from trustworthy publications including online books, science journals and MEDLINE, all offered under the auspices of the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Browse trending articles, or add this to your collection of nurse resources for when you’re hunting for something job-specific.

14. Diseases Dictionary Offline 2017

Most dictionaries are ridiculously heavy, but this app puts medical terminology in the palm of your hand —literally. The Diseases Dictionary can be used offline, too, so you’ll never be without your new favorite registered nurse resource even if you run into a WiFi dead spot.

15. Innerbody’s anatomy and physiology guide

Interested in exploring a possible new specialty before committing? Still in school and need some help understanding the difference between anterior longitudinal and intertransverse ligaments? Innerbody’s interactive human anatomy systems offers 2D and 3D models that put some simpler nurse resources to shame.

16. BestPlaces

As travel nurse resources go, BestPlaces is one of the most useful. Before you move, head to BestPlaces and compare destinations according to crucial data on issues like cost of living, crime and climate.

17. Nursys

Use Nursys e-Notify for free reminders when your license is about to expire or if other changes are afoot,and you’ll never make a costly renewal mistake again.

18. Scrubs Mag

Nurses rarely have time to sit down and leaf through a magazine, but Scrubs publishes online so you can read it from anywhere. Check out interesting editorials on your lunch break, or chime in on hot topics, such as nurses with tattoos, and let your opinion be heard.

19. MediBabble

Non-English-speaking patients deserve great care, too, and MediBabble helps make that possible. The app turns confusing cross talk in multiple languages into simple questions, answers and instructions that facilitate quick, expert medical assistance, all without requiring an internet connection.

20. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

The Yummly app isn’t strictly for nurses, but having a tool that streamlines meal planning and grocery shopping makes it easier than ever to eat healthy and stay energized throughout your shift.

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