Travel Nurse Contract Example

Travel Nurse Contract Example

Travel nurse contracts come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no set travel nurse contract example to look at. Travel nursing assignments vary widely depending on a variety of factors including the agency, type of facility and the practice area. 

Many clinicians are left to wonder, "what is a traveling nurse? and "can you provide a travel nurse contract example?'" Today is here to answer that question and provide some more travel nursing info. 

What is a traveling nurse? 

When healthcare facilities experience staffing shortages, they hire travel nurses to fill positions temporarily. This is the simple answer to the question "what is a traveling nurse?"

Travel nurses can work in a facility anywhere from a few weeks to 13 weeks and longer, depending on the needs of the facility. The industry standard for most travel nursing agencies is 13 week assignments. Another travel nurse contract example is for rapid response nursing--also known as short-term or high-needs. These travel nurse contracts last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. 

You will find that by working with a top travel nursing agency, you can get access to more types of travel nurse contracts. Another travel nurse contract example besides short-term and long-term are computer conversion projects. 

Top Travel Nursing Agencies 

Whether you are searching for travel nurse jobs in Hawaii, or you just find yourself intrigued by the idea of "what is a traveling nurse?" There is no harm in asking questions and gaining more information on this industry as a whole. Remember, a top travel nurse agency will offer a variety of contracts lengths and types. They should also offer travel nurses housing, benefits and other perks. 

We hoped we answered your question, "what is a traveling nurse?" Feel free to contact us if you find yourself asking "what is a traveling nurse?" after reading this article or if you would like another travel nurse contract example.