Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

From excellent compensation to the satisfaction that comes with helping patients, there are many benefits of becoming a nurse. A nursing career can go in many different directions and RNs can work in many different practice areas and settings.

The options are open and the benefits are plenty when it comes to choosing a career as a nurse. Read on to discover our top benefits of becoming a nurse. 

Excellent Pay and Benefits

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for registered nurses was $68,450 in May 2016. Nursing salaries can vary greatly depending on specialty, geographic location, the type of facility, and a variety of other factors. Neonatal nursing salaries tend to be one of the highest, due to the critical nature of the tiny patients and the unique skill set required to care for infants born prematurely or with health problems. 

Another popular nursing specialty, Emergency Room nursing, also has higher than average pay rates. For example, the career website puts the average ER nurses salary at over $64,000 per year. 

Whatever specialty you choose to take your nursing career to, you'll find that most hospitals and medical centers offer robust compensation and nurse benefits packages. Some companies will even pay your health insurance premiums and offer excellent 401(k) packages with company matching.

RN Nurse Jobs - Plenty of Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of becoming a nurse is that your skill set will always be in demand. In fact, the BLS finds that the field of nursing overall will grow rapidly by 2020, with a 26 percent increase in nursing jobs. RN nurse jobs can be found across the country--from big cities to small rural towns. Travel nursing is a great way to expand your skill set, see the country and take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits of becoming a nurse. 

Non-clinical jobs

Although the majority of nursing jobs are found in the acute care setting, there are also a variety of administrative and insurance nurse jobs available. Schools, insurance companies, laboratories and major corporations are also known to hire nurses. Many nurses work in a clinical setting where they gain hands-on experience and then take their skills to a different area later in their career. This is just another of the many benefits of becoming a nurser. You never know where your skills will be needed!

Freedom and Flexibility 

The freedom to choose when and where you want to work is one of the most unique benefits of becoming a nurse because few careers offer the flexibility that a nursing career provides. Nurse benefits including choosing the shift you want (day or night), selecting your specialty or practice area and in some cases, choosing when you take vacation. 

Camaraderie and Support

Of the many benefits of becoming a nurse, one of the most meaningful is the relationships that you will build with your co-workers and colleagues. Nurses and other clinicians have to band together, especially during intense times where a patient's life may be on the line. And, in addition to bonding with your fellow nurses and doctors, many nurses also find that they create strong bonds with their patients and families throughout the care process.  

Whatever your reason for becoming nurse, the benefits of doing so will provide countless opportunities and advantages along the way.