Should I Be a Nurse?

should I be a nurse?

With tens of thousands of new nurses entering the workforce every year, many people consider nursing as a viable career. It must be noted that nursing is a strenuous and demanding career; however, it is also a very rewarding and enjoyable profession for those who have the right mindset. Below are listed many qualities that successful nurses share.

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Nurses are responsible for many different aspects of patient care, with many specific and precise needs. For example, misreading medication dosage can have devastating effects. As such, nurses need to ensure that the information they take in and document is as accurate as possible. While this is a skill that can be learned and developed, having strong attention to detail prior to pursuing a career in nursing will lead to more successful outcomes.


Constant interaction with patients in a wide range of states can lead to difficult situations. Nurses have many responsibilities and deal with a plethora of disruptions, but while under the stress of a bad day, your patients will still have the same needs. The way a nurse responds to turmoil, changes in plan and patient requests shows their character. Nurses who are able to roll with the punches, deal with changing circumstances and still treat patients with the utmost care are exhibiting the deep empathy required for a successful career. Without empathy, patients may receive the same medications and treatment, but their experience will not be the same. Patients have come to rely on nurses to provide moral and emotional support during their care.


No two days in the life of a nurse are the same. Changing patients, diagnoses, treatments, medication and locations can present a challenge to the nurses who have to adapt to them. Nurses who are flexible are able to take control of their circumstances, manage their time and provide proper care to those under their watch. This skill is frequently employed in all aspects of nursing and is put to the test even when undergoing education to enter the nursing field.

A strong communicator

Doctors, other nurses, patients, families, therapists, social workers, dietitians, nursing aides and many others will need to communicate with nurses. These individuals come from different walks of life, have different educational backgrounds and will have different needs. Nurses are required to communicate effectively to all those with whom they interact. This may present a challenge, however this skill will be developed over the course of school and continuing into one’s career. Entering the field with strong communication skills will provide a great advantage to those seeking work in nursing.


Above all, respect is essential in making a good choice in your nursing career path. Skills can be learned and developed, as they should be. Respect is necessary right from the start to ensure proper patient care; it is only when a nurse truly cares for and respects their patient that all involved in their care will leave content. There may be times when a nurse feels a certain course of action is most appropriate, but a patient has the right to refuse. While a good nurse will care about the patients needs, a great nurse will attend to the patients requests to ensure the highest quality care is provided, whatever their decision.

Should I Be a Nurse?

Nursing is not for everyone, but with the skills and qualities mentioned above anyone can make a successful nurse and truly make a difference in their community.

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