Nursing Licensure Map

Nursing is a fast growing career, with many new nurses joining the workforce every year. The requirements for becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) vary by state. Below are listed some of the most popular states for nurses to practice in, as well as their requirements for licensure. You can also visit the NCSBN site to see their updated nursing licensure map.

nursing licensure map

Standard Requirements

Although all variables have the potential to change, there is the standard process for licensure procurement. 

First, a candidate must complete an accredited nursing education program. 

Next, the NCLEX-RN must be taken. Upon completion, the candidate’s scores can be submitted to the local Board of Nursing Education. 

This body will review the scores, transcripts, and perform a background check. This process will cost a small fee, which varies by state. If, after careful review, there is no objection to licensure, the candidate will be mailed their license.

Nursing Licensure Map Highlights


In the state of Texas, to qualify for licensure you must have graduated from an approved and licensed nursing program, and have taken the NCLEX-RN exam within the past four years. A fee of $100 must be attached to the application for state licensure.


In order to hold a nursing license in the state of California, one must complete an accredited program, take the national exam, fill out the application, provide fingerprints, and pay a fee of $300. This process is for California graduates. However, California allows reciprocity of nursing licenses from other states. One must have a current and active nursing license in another state, have completed an accredited program that meets the standards of the California Nursing Board of Education, and have taken the NCLEX-RN in order for this option to apply.


In the state of Florida, nursing licensure can be obtained once the appropriate education has been completed. There are strict requirements for professional nursing education programs with regard to the percentage of the staff that currently hold masters degrees or higher. The content of programs is also heavily regulated. Once the educational program is complete, the NCLEX-RN exam must be passed successfully. Next, fingerprinting and a background check are completed. The completed application, as well as a $110 fee, must be submitted to the Florida Board of Nursing.


Once a locally accredited nursing program has been completed, a filled application can be submitted to the Ohio Board of Nursing. Attached to this application must be the $75 fee. Additionally, endorsement is available for those who have received licensure in another state. The local laws and rules regarding continuing education course must be completed prior to licensure.

New Jersey

Much like Florida, New Jersey is very strict with regard to their nursing program accreditation. Only schools with an acceptable pass rate that demonstrate the ability to produce capable nurses are allowed to continue operating. Upon graduation from one of these schools, candidates may submit a completed application and a $200 fee. A criminal background check and fingerprinting must also be completed, as well as the NCLEX-RN.

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