Nursing License Renewal

After just a few years of practicing nursing, the time will come for license renewal. This seemingly burdensome step is required for all those continuing in the profession. So what is required for nursing license renewal? And why is license renewal so important?

nursing license renewal


Each state varies on their registered nurse license requirements as well as renewals, but there are a few key components to keep in mind regardless of where you live. One of the most commonly thought of requirements for nursing license renewal is continuing education. 

Continuing education is essential for nurses. It provides further instruction so that nurses are able to continue providing the highest quality care. 

During school, nurses are given constant education and encouragement to implement the techniques they're learning. 

However, once they are in the field, it is entirely up to them to continue learning and growing. Continuing education courses provide techniques and tips that will help nurses to grow and stay abreast of new developments.

Many states require proof of continued education. A standard number of continuing education hours required is 24. Usually, this includes about half that number in home study courses. The rest must be completed in person at a live lecture. Some states require more, up to 30 hours of continuing education credit every two years. Other states have no established continuing education credit requirement. Still, it is the best practice for nurses to continue to learn and stay relevant to their field.

Other requirements for maintaining licensure include paying a small fee to the local governing agency. This is the organization that regulates nursing education, employment, and legislation. This fee is used to provide nurses with appropriate jobs, rights, and safety. Payment of this fee may seem unfair, but without nursing license renewal fees, the nursing boards in each state would have to charge more for initial licensure, education accreditation, and all of the other services that they provide.

Importance of Nursing License Renewal

Is nursing licensure renewal really worth all of the hassle? Absolutely. Without any kind of accreditation or monitoring, there would be no regulation of who gets to practice nursing. Anyone could claim that they are a nurse and provide subpar care. This is more than just a minor inconvenience. This could potentially put patients at risk and would dramatically devalue nursing services. Because of this, nurses who actually provide quality care would find it difficult to find employment. It makes sense to undergo the small hassle of continuing education, renewal applications, and fees to ensure the benefits of quality nursing care are maintained.

Although some states don't have a continuing education requirement for nursing license renewal, it is highly recommended that all nurses stay up-to-date on the latest treatment techniques.

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