Nursing Jobs from Home

nursing jobs from home

Clinical nursing has been the primary employment opportunity for nurses in the past. Today, with the development of new technologies, the possibility to work a nursing job from home has emerged thanks to telecommuting. Telecommuting opportunities are geared towards registered nurses (RNs), with only limited positions for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

Requirements for RNs

RNs must have: experience in the clinical setting; a BSN or MSN degree from an accredited school; certification through the State Board of Nursing; and pass the NCLEX exam. Certifications (CPR, ALS, PALS) are added resources and can increase the chances of being hired and career advancement. Specialization in a specific area may require further education, such as a master’s degree in nursing.

A strong knowledge of basic nursing skills is a must, including taking vital signs, monitoring patients, prepping and inserting IV lines and catheters, and the operation of ventilators and CPAP/BiPAP equipment. Practical experience is invaluable since many patients are now being discharged from hospitals sooner and need more help and guidance once home. Communication skills are essential, no matter what specific field is chosen.

Nursing Jobs From Home That You Should Consider

1. Medical Call Centers

These centers have the least requirements. Jobs include Medical Coding and  Medical Transcription, which LPNs, LVNs or others with a medical background qualify for. Insurance companies like Aetna and business process outsourcers (BPOs) like ARO utilize medical call centers.

2. RN Case Manager

Case managers are utilized to coordinate patient care and services. Large insurance companies most frequently utilize case managers. Some insurance companies may require occasional office time though.

3. Telephone Triage

An RN triages calls and answers client questions. Nurses with clinical experience, especially in triage and emergency care, are in demand in this field. Companies like Carenet, Expert Global Solutions, Healthnet, and Humana are all examples of entities using RNs to telephone triage patients.

4. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal Nurse Consultants are utilized by lawyers, insurance companies and compensation assessors, but additional training is required. The CLNC Program offered by Viki Milazzo provides the certification training and documentation needed. These employers may need interpretation of medical documents, documentation review, or research. Nurses are independent contractors, set their rates and have a flexible schedule.

5. Remote Diabetic Educator

A BSN and a Certification of Registered Dietitian are needed for this role. Nurses provide education to diabetic clients and guidance when clients may be experiencing difficulties. Insurance companies use such educators.

There are many more opportunities that can be found online through job-searching sites, which will post job listings together with any special requirements, role responsibilities and pay rates. There is a high demand for nurses currently and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this need will continue to grow, so if you’re looking for nursing jobs from home there may be more opportunities than you think.

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