The Benefits of Travel Nursing California Jobs

The benefits of travel nursing California jobs

California is a popular destination to work as a travel nurse. No matter where your travel nursing California job takes you, “The Golden State” is the ultimate destination for travel nurses. And why wouldn’t it be? 

The great weather, demand, and the state population makes the jobs limitless. Check out the benefits below.

Major Hospital Organizations For Travel Nurses In California

There are several top-rated hospitals in California. Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest hospital facilities in California and is known to hire travel nurses. With more than 30 hospitals in the state, Kaiser Permanente offers great opportunities for travel nurses. When you take a travel nursing job with, you receive benefits with AMN Healthcare and their brands. Read more about the partnership between American Mobile Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente

Travel Nurses In Demand in California

With slightly more than 39 million people, California is the nation's most populous state. That means there is a need for you, the travel nurse. California also has a lot of travel nurse agencies working in the state providing you. A travel nurse company like American Mobile will work with you to find a travel nursing California job, expedite the license process, and even pay for your California nursing license.

Nursing To Patient Ratio Capped

California was the first state to establish nurse-to-patient ratio laws. This is good news to many nurses. California nurses care for one less patient on average than states without legislation. For example, it’s a violation for a hospital to assign more than four patients to a Telemetry nurse. However, many hospitals assign less support staff for their nurses as a result. In the end though, most nurses report that the rules make a positive difference.

Travel Nursing California Salary

RN salary in California does vary depending not only on work experience and education but whether you are in Northern California vs Southern California. However, California is the highest paying state in the nation. Of course, California’s higher cost of living has to be factored in, but if you choose one of the more affordable areas to live that are mentioned above, you can really benefit from California’s high pay rates. When you take a travel nurse assignment, travel rn salaries can be up to 15% higher per paycheck.

With everything mentioned above in mind, it’s important to remember that California has something for everyone. California offer attractive pay rates, the ability to work in reputable facilities, and the lifestyle is one of the best in the country. It’s no wonder why many travelers who have worked here return again and again.