Advanced Surgical Travel Nursing

advanced surgical travel nursing

Travel nursing is an exciting prospect. It offers a frequent change of scenery, the potential to travel the country, and a high nursing salary. It also comes with potential difficulties, but for many the benefits far outweigh the cost.

The highest travel nurse salary and most consistent work can be found for those who hold advanced certifications. For example, advanced surgical nurses may find it easier to obtain travel nursing jobs than non certified nurses.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is unique in that it offers many benefits and high pay, as well as the opportunity to travel the country. While their assignment can be difficult, many travel nurses are excited to continually face new challenges. A traveling nurse is required to step into whatever situation they're hired for, regardless of circumstances or difficulty, and immediately start providing quality patient care. This could be because of staff shortages, gaps between new and old staff, or due to a temporary increase in patient needs in a facility or location.

The typical length of a travel nursing assignment is 13 weeks, which is enough time for a travel nurse to build a rapport with patients, become familiar with local guidelines, and make a good impression. However, at the end of 13 weeks most will leave the position, never to return to that facility again, and have to repeat the same process somewhere new.

What is Advanced Surgical Travel Nursing?

Surgical nursing goes by various names; one other common name is scrub nurse. Nurses in this field provide assistance during surgical procedures. One of the primary responsibilities of a surgical nurse is to ensure the treatment area is absolutely clean and sterile. Another potential responsibility is to assist surgeons during surgery, by providing medical tools and documenting treatment. This requires expert understanding of common procedures and familiarity with the surgeons, which can make it a tough assignment for travel nurses to fill. The complexity of care required can also make this a difficult travel nursing role. However, when a surgical nurse provides quality care on a traveling basis, it shows immense expertise in the area and nurses proficient in this field are highly in demand.

How to Become an Advanced Surgical Travel Nurse

In order to start working as an advanced surgical travel nurse, one must first become a Registered Nurse (RN). This can be done by pursuing either an Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN). Then the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) can be attempted. Upon successful completion, local guidelines for state licensure must be followed. As a registered and licensed nurse, there are then two options. One is to pursue experience working in direct patient care in a traditional setting, while the other is to immediately apply with a travel nursing agency. Some travel agencies prefer nurses to have experience prior to working with them, and most agencies require surgical travel nurses in particular to have additional certifications and extensive surgical nursing experience. The inexperienced will not readily find work in this field. The Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board offers a certificate that demonstrates aptitude and expertise working in a surgical environment, which is a definite plus for those seeking employment in this specialty.

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