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    "I decided to become a travel nurse for the flexibility and the different avenues that you can pursue."

    Travel nursing provides the best of both worlds: Build valuable career experiences at leading healthcare facilities while exploring new parts of the country. NursingJobs.com is your source for the travel nursing information you need to thrive as a traveling nurse.

    Travel Nurse Salaries and Compensation

    Thanks to high demand, travel nursing salaries can be up to 15 percent higher than non-traveling nursing salaries. Take-home pay includes a daily allowance for meals and incidentals, and a minimum number of hours is usually guaranteed. Travel nurse salaries often include quick-start bonuses for specialty assignments and completion bonuses that can go as high as $6,000. Earn even more when you refer a friend.

    Benefits, Housing and Insurance

    Travel nurses receive some of the best benefits in the industry, as well as high-quality, private housing that's fully furnished and located close to your assignment facility. Every assignment also includes free life insurance and your choice of medical and dental plans with no or low-cost premiums.